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​​FRIENDS English Lesson​

ESL Topic: Health and Fitness

File Title: Chandler Quits the Gym

Prepared by: ​SSEcoach (Robbie)          File Code: V10

  • V10 | SLOW | Chandler Quits the Gym2:48

Topic Speaking: Health and Fitness

1. Have you ever joined a gym?
2. Why would having a personal trainer be important?
3. Have you ever been on a diet?
4. Do you enjoy eating fast food and/or junk food?
5. What are ways to keep motivated to help you stick with an exercise program?
6. What are some popular diet and/or exercise TV shows that are popular in your country?
7. Do you worry about your weight?
8. How many hours of sleep do you get each night?
9. What celebrity do you think has the best physique?
What is the difference between body weight and body composition? Which is more important to you?


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  • V10 | REG | Chandler Quits the Gym2:22
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1. What does Chandler want to do? (Line 6-7)

-Chandler wants to quit the gym.

2. What can’t Chandler use if he quits the gym? (Line 8-9)

-If Chandler quits the gym he won’t have access to the new full service Swedish spa.

3. Is Ross a member of any gym? (Line 16-17)

-No, he is not a member of any gym.

4. Why does the gym employee call over Maria? (Line 18-19)

-The gym employee calls over Maria because she is so beautiful he thinks she can help motivate Chandler to stay at the gym.

5. How long has the gym been voted as the best equipped gym in New York? (Line 23)

-The gym has been voted best equipped gym in New York for two years.

6. Why doesn’t Chandler like the gym? (Line 23-24)

-He doesn’t like the gym because everything in the gym is so heavy. Chandler is lazy and doesn’t enjoy exercising.

7. Who joined the gym? (Line 26-27)

-Ross joined the gym as a new member.

8. Why did Ross Join the gym?

-Ross joined the gym because the trainer (Maria) was so attractive.

Learn English with Videos | V10 EnglishSnippets | FRIENDS




work out



Title: Chandler Quits the Gym

1.Ross: Whoa-whoa-whoa, hey! Now remember what we talked about, you gotta be strong.

2.Chandler: Yes. Yes!

3.Ross: One more time, "Hey, don’t you want a washboard stomach and rock hard pecs?"

4.Chandler: No! I want a flabby gut and saggy man breasts!

5.Ross: Good! That’s good!

6.Chandler: Okay. I wanna quit the gym.

7.Gym Employee: You wanna quit?

8.Chandler: I wanna quit the gym.

9.Gym Employee: You do realize that you won’t have access to our new full service Swedish spa.

10.Chandler: I wanna quit the gym.

11.Gym Employee: Okay, Dave in the membership office, handles quitters. Uh, excuse me, are you a member?

12.Ross: Me? No.

13.Gym Employee: Sorry, members only.

14.Chandler: I wanna quit the gym.

15.Ross: It’s okay man, be strong.

16.Gym Employee: So, are you a member of any gym.

17.Ross: No! And I’m not gonna be, so you can save you little speech.

18.Gym Employee: Okay, no problem. Could you come here for a second?

19.Woman: Hi, I’m Maria.


20.Chandler: I want to quit the gym.

21.Gym Employee: Now, can you honestly tell me that you are a 100% satisfied with your body ?.

22.Chandler: Yes, yes most of the time. I mean sure I have bad days. But then I remember what a cute smile I have.

23.Gym Employee: Look. We were voted best equipped gym in New York two years running. Do you want to give that up?

24.Chandler: Yes. I hated it here. Everything that you have in here is very heavy.

25.Gym Employee: Yeah Really? Ok? You don’t want to make your friend work out alone, do you?

26.Chandler: What friend?

27.Gym Employee: Your friend Ross. Just Joined.


Learn English with Videos | V10 EnglishSnippets | FRIENDS
Learn English with Videos | V10 EnglishSnippets | FRIENDS