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​​NEWS English Lesson​

ESL Topic: Health and Food

File Title: The Heart Attack Grill

Prepared by: ​SSEcoach (Robbie)          File Code: V17

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Topic Speaking: Health & Food

1. Would you like to try food from The Heart Attack Grill?

2. What is your favorite fast food restaurant?
3. What do you think is the best restaurant in your city?
4. What’s the difference between fast food and junk food?
5. Do you prefer to eat out for dinner or to make your own dinner?
6. Which do you prefer McDonald’s or BurgerKing?
7. Have you ever been on a diet?
8. Do you think people are too obsessed with their weight?
9. Do you consider yourself a healthy eater?
10. What are some healthy/unhealthy foods people from your country eat?

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NEWS Script

Title: The Heart Attack Grill


1. At most restaurants having three customers suffer heart attacks after eating at the establishment would be a source of great concern and shame, something to be minimized and explained away.

2. But not at one spot where they actually promote how unhealthy it is, offering free meals to its most obese patrons.

3. And even celebrating a death on the premises.

4. It is aptly named The Heart Attack Grill. We sent abc's Ryan Owens to check out their new digs in none other than sin city.

Ryan Owens:

5. In a country where calories are posted like warnings on restaurant menus, where unhealthy school lunches are under fire, and where our first lady has a vegetable garden, there is an alternative reality.

6. And it looks like this. This monument to greasy gluttony.

Customer Man:

7. Almost there.

Customer Woman:

8. Almost done with the Single Bypass.

Ryan Owens:

9. It’s called The Heart Attack Grill. It is a defiant throw back to a pre-health obsessed America.

10. A kind of hospital themed Hooters, located where else, Sin City.

11. But as you are about to find out, eater beware, this restaurant can literally be hazardous to your heart.

12. Remarkably the owner says it is all done in the name of promoting good health.


13. One among us has to tell the truth. That's what we are doing here.

Ryan Owens:

14. The heart attack grill prides itself on pushing limits along with belt sizes.

15. Diners must wear hospital gowns. People 350 pounds plus eat free.

16. Their Flat Liner Fries, cooked in lard, are unlimited.

17. Thirsty?  Try the all butterfat shake.

18. Or maybe a shot of vodka served in a prescription pill bottle.

19. And new to this menu, a burger with eight patties, almost 20,000 calories.

20. That's the equivalent of nearly 40 Big Macs.

21. Oh and if you don't finish your meal, you get spanked. By a nurse.

22. She is not exactly a real r.n. But her spankings are real, real hard.


23. Ow!!!

Ryan Owens:

24. The restaurant and all its repulsive excess seems right at home among the tourist traps in downtown Las Vegas.

25. Its owner, perhaps the ultimate Vegas showman, is John Basso.

26. As the part of his act, he likes to be called Dr. John.


27. Now breathe in for me.

Ryan Owens:

28. Dr. John has become something of a superstar in the fast food world.

29. In his trademark over the top way he depicts himself as Jesus Christ at the last supper dining with the industry other giants. 





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