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Learn English with Videos | V2 EnglishSnippets | FRIENDS
Learn English with Videos | V2 EnglishSnippets | FRIENDS


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Learn English with Videos | V2 EnglishSnippets | FRIENDS

1. Where are Chandler and Jill trapped? (1-8)

-They are trapped in ATM vestibule.

2. At first, Chandler could not remember Jill’s name, how did he remember Jill’s name? (1-5)

-Chandler remembered Jill’s name because he eavesdropped on Jill’s telephone conversation.

3. When Chandler and Jill are trapped, how did they ask for help to others? (1-12)

-When Chandler and Jill were trapped, they both used Jill’s phone to contact others.

4. What happened when Chandler tried to get Jill’s attention by smiling at her? (9-11)

-When Chandler was smiling at Jill he definitely scared her.

5. Why did Chandler tell Monica to put Joey on the phone? (17- 25)

-Chandler told Monica to put Joey on the phone because he was trying to cover up what he was saying since he was with Jill, however Monica could not understand him.

6. What can you infer from Chandler’s rejection to Jill’s gum which is not sugarless? How does he feel about not accepting the gum?(26-30)

-You can infer that Chandler doesn’t care if the gum is sugar less, and he is mad at himself for asking such a silly question to a super model.

7. Why did Chandler think about blowing a bubble? (31-32)

-He thought that blowing a bubble would make him appear relaxed, and had a boyish charm.

8. What happened when Chandler found out that the gum he was chewing was someone else’s gum? (33-35)

-Chandler was surprised to realize he was chewing someone else’s gum, then the gum stuck in his throat, and he began choking.

9. Why did Chandler tell his account number to the camera at the end? (44-45)

-Chandler probably wanted to show all his friends all the time he spent with Jill, and he knew that camera was filming everything, so he wanted to get the tape that filmed him with Jill.


Title: Chandler Stuck in ATM

1. CHAN: Oh, great. This is just...

2. CHAN: Oh my God, it's that Victoria's Secret model. Something... something Goodacre.

3.JILL: Hi Mom, it's Jill.

4. CHAN: She's right, it's Jill. Jill Goodacre. Oh my God. I am trapped in an ATM vestibule with Jill Goodacre! Is it a vestibule? Maybe it's an atrium. Oh, yeah, that is the part to focus on, you idiot!

5. JILL: Yeah, I'm fine. I'm just stuck at the bank, in an ATM vestibule.

6. CHAN: Jill says vestibule... I'm going with vestibule.

7. JILL: I'm fine. No, I'm not alone... I don't know, some guy.

8. CHAN: Oh! Some guy.Some guy. 'Hey Jill, I saw you with some guy last night. Yes, he was some guy.


9. CHAN: Alright, alright, alright. It's been fourteen and a half minutes and you still have not said one word. Oh God, do something. Just make contact, smile!

10. CHAN: There you go!

11. CHAN: You're definitely scaring her.

12. JILL: Would you like to call somebody?

13. CHAN: Yeah, about 300 guys I went to high school with. Yeah, thanks.

14. MONICA: Hello?

15. CHAN: Hey, it's me.

16. MONICA: It's Chandler!  Are you OK?

17. CHAN: Yeah, I'm fine. I'm trapped in an ATM vestibule with Jill Goodacre.

18. MONICA: What?

19. CHAN: I'm trapped... in an ATM vestibule... with Jill Goodacre!

20. MONICA: I have no idea what you just said.

21. CHAN: Put Joey on the phone.

22. JOEY: What's up man?

23. CHAN: I'm trapped... in an ATM vestibule... with Jill Goodacre.

24. JOEY: Oh my God! He's trapped in an ATM vestibule with Jill Goodacre!  Chandler, listen.

25. CHAN: Yeah, like that thought never entered my mind.

26. JILL: Would you like some gum?

27. CHAN: Um, is it sugarless?

28. JILL: Sorry, it's not.

29. CHAN: Oh, then no thanks. What the hell was that? Mental note: If Jill Goodacre offers you gum, you take it. If she offers you mangled animal carcass, you take it.

30. CHAN: You know, on second thought, gum would be perfection. 'Gum would be perfection'? 'Gum would be perfection.' Could have said 'gum would be nice,' or 'I'll have a stick,' but no, no, no, no. For me, gum is perfection. I loathe myself.


31. CHAN: Ah, let's see. What next? Blow a bubble. A bubble's good. It's got a... boyish charm, it's impish. Here we go.

32. CHAN: Nice going, imp. OK, it's OK. All I need to do is reach over and put it in my mouth.

33. CHAN: Good save! We're back on track, and I'm ..chewing someone else's gum. This is not my gum. Oh my God! Oh my God! And now you're choking.

34. JILL: Are you alright?

35. JILL: My God, you're choking! That better?

36. CHAN: Yes... thank you. That was... that was....

37. JILL: Perfection?


38. JILL: Chandler, we've been here for an hour doing this! Now watch, it's easy.

39. CHAN: OK.

40. JILL: Ready?

41. JILL: No, you've got to whip it.

42. JILL: Well, this has been fun.

43. CHAN: Yes. Yes, thanks for letting me use your phone... and for saving my life.

44. JILL: Well, goodbye Chandler. I had a great blackout. See ya.

45. CHAN: Hi, um, I'm account number 7143457. And, uh, I don't know if you got any of that, but I would really like a copy of the tape.


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Topic Speaking: Physical Beauty

1. Who is the most beautiful celebrity in your country?
2. Who is the most handsome celebrity in your country?
3. What is your ideal type of physical beauty?
4. What is your ideal type of personality?
5. Can someone’s personality change how beautiful or handsome they appear?
6. Have you ever met a famous person?
7. Who is the most beautiful celebrity in the world?
8. Who is the most handsome celebrity in the world
Would you rather marry someone who is extremely good looking or someone who is extremely wealthy?
10. What does the phrase “beauty is only skin deep” mean?

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​​FRIENDS English Lesson​

ESL Topic: Physical Beauty

File Title: Chandler Stuck in ATM​​​

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