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ESL Topic: Gambling

File Title: The Cricket Bet

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Modern Family Script

Title: The Cricket Bet

1. Waiter: So, this is Walter. Just as I took over for Jeremy when his shift ended, he'll be taking over for me. Unless you're ready?

2. Claire: I think we're still talking. But thanks.

3. Phil: Walter? Could I ask you a quick question right over there?

4. Claire: I'll be right back, too. Hey! I just need a minute alone with my husband. Thank you. There is no way you are paying that bill. It has been out there forever, and he hasn't even pretended to reach for his wallet.

5. Phil: This is torture, Claire. I'll pay anything to end it.

6. Claire: Stay strong.

7. Phil: I'm weak. You married a weak man!

8. Claire: Give it to me. Give it -- Phil -- No! Walter! Walter! Walter! Okay. Here's the thing. We like hanging out –

9. Phil: No, Claire! No!

10. Lisa: I know what this is about. Tom, you should have paid the check. It's rude.

11. Phil: He's not rude. He's wonderful. I had to pay.

12. Claire: Why?

13. Tom: Phil, don't you say another word! Ow!

14. Phil: See? I told you.

15. Lisa: What the hell is going on here?

16. Tom: Nothing.

17. Claire: Phil?

18. Phil: Fine -- if you have to know every last detail about my life... I lost a bet to Tom in Cabo. Now I owe him five meals. There -- we're done. That's it.

19. Claire: Why didn't you just say that? There's no reason. I don't...

20. Lisa: What... was... the bet?

21. Tom: Phil, I mean it -- don't say another word.

22. Phil: They're gonna figure it out, Tom.

23. Tom: How could they figure out, Phil?

24. Phil: They're gonna figure it out. We were drunk on margaritas, and we wanted to find out whose wife would eat the most crickets.

25. Claire & Lisa: What?!

26. Tom: Doesn't seem like they were circling that, Phil.

27. Claire: You were just grabbing crickets and sneaking them into our food?

28. Phil: Not live ones. They were roasted.

29. Lisa: Oh, my god!

30. Claire: You're disgusting people.

31. Phil: You're missing the silver lining here, honey. I lost the bet.

32. Claire: So I didn't eat crickets?

33. Tom: You ate three.

34. Phil: Lisa had six.

35. Lisa: Six?! You could've won with four!

36. Tom: Baby, baby, I couldn't take that chance.

37. Claire: I'd like to give you two a little something to think about. Most of the food you eat is prepared by us.

38. Lisa: Or by our private chef. But I like where you're going.

39. Claire: Next time you take a bite of a big, juicy burger or dig into a bowl of spaghetti, there's gonna be an extra special ingredient in there, and it won't be love.

40. Phil: How many did you get this time?

41. Tom: Two crickets. Yes!

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Topic Speaking: Gambling

​1. What’s the difference between making a bet and gambling?
2. Have you ever bought a lottery ticket?
3. Do you play sports pools or fantasy sports?
4. Have you ever made a bet with a friend?
5. How can companies use betting to help motivate employees?
6. Have you ever been to a casino?
7. How would your parents (or partner) react if they found out you lost money gambling?
8. Other than winning money, why do people like to gamble?
9. Do you believe in good and bad luck?
10. What does the following quote mean, “The harder work I work, the luckier I get.”?

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