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Topic Speaking: Revenge

​1. Is it easy for you to forgive someone after they hurt you?
2. When someone hurts you do you hold a grudge?
3. When is the last time someone hurt you? Did you forgive them or take revenge?
4. Have you ever been so hurt by someone that you tried to hurt them back?
5. What feels better, forgiving someone or taking revenge?
6. Have you ever been mad at someone for a very long time?
7. What are the benefits of taking revenge on someone?
8. What are the disadvantages of taking revenge on someone?
9. Do you think taking revenge is better or worse than forgiveness?
10. Is taking revenge on someone ever justified?

Learn English with Videos | V23 EnglishSnippets | FRIENDS


Title: Chandler Stuck in the Toilet

1. Susie: Come on.

2. Chandler: I can't believe we're doing this.

3. Susie: All right mister, let's see those panties.

4. Chandler: Alrighty.

5. Susie: Ooh. Ooh. But you know what would be even sexier?

6. Chandler: What?

7. Susie: If you didn't have your shirt tucked into them.

8. Chandler: Oh.

9. Susie: All right. Now I would like to see you wearing nothing but them. Take your clothes off.

10. Chandler: OK, but uh, I hope you realize this means we're gonna miss hearing about the specials.

11. Susie: Come on hurry, hurry.

12. Chandler: Hey, do you want this done quick, or do you want this done right?

13. Susie: All right, turn around. Time to see you from behind.

14. Chandler: OK.

15. Susie: Oh, somebody's been doing his buns of steel video.

16. Chandler: Well, you want me to uh, clench anything, or-... Susie? Susie.

17. Susie: This is for the fourth grade.

18. Chandler: Huh? Where, what do you mean?

19. Susie: What do I mean. What do you mean, what do I mean? I mean underpants, mister, that's what I mean.

20. Chandler: What, what's what you mean?

21. Susie: My skirt, you lifted, kids laughing. I was Susie Underpants 'till I was 18.

22. Chandler: That was in the fourth grade. How could you still be upset about that?

23. Susie: Well um, why don't you call me in 20 years and tell me if you're still upset about this.

24. Chandler: All right, I hope you realize you're not getting these underpants back.


25. Chandler: Joey?

26. Joey: Ma?

27. Chandler: Joey!

28. Joey: Chandler? What're you still doing here, I though you guys took off.

29. Chandler: Oh, no no no, she took off with my clothes.

30. Joey: Are you naked in there?

31. Chandler: Not exactly. . . I'm wearing panties.

32. Joey: Huh, you uh, you always wear panties?

33. Chandler: No, no, this is the first time.

34. Joey: Wow, talk about your bad luck, I mean, the first time you try panties and someone walks off with your clothes.

35. Chandler: I was not trying them out, Susie asked me to wear them.

36. Joey: Well, let me see.

37. Chandler: No. I'm not letting you or anybody else see, ever.

38. Joey: Alright, alright.

39. Ross: Joey, some people don't like that.

40. Joey: Chandler's wearing panties.

41. Ross: What? Let me see.

42. Chandler: No, no, you don't have to see.

43. Ross: Hi Tushie.

44. Chandler: Alright, one of you give me your underpants.

45. Joey: Can't help you, I'm not wearing any.

46. Chandler: How can you not be wearing any underwear?

47. Joey: Oh, I'm getting heat from the guy in the hot pink thong.

48. Chandler: Alright look Ross I'll give you 50 dollars for your underpants.


​​FRIENDS English Lesson​

ESL Topic: Revenge

File Title: Chandler Stuck in the Toilet

Prepared by: ​SSEcoach (Robbie)          File Code: V23

Learn English with Videos | V23 EnglishSnippets | FRIENDS


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