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The Big Bang Theory Script

Title: Sheldon Guarding his Spot

1. Sheldon : Morning, Professor Stevens. Don’t look at that whiteboard. That’s my math, not your math. Keep walking, nosey.

2. Howard : What the hell are you doing?

3. Sheldon : Oh. You said I’m not using my space, so I’m using it.

4. Howard : Okay, you need to move now.

5. Sheldon : No, I don’t.

6. Howard : You can’t stay there forever.

7. Sheldon : Actually, I have a plastic baggy strapped to my leg that says I can.

8. Sheldon : Give up, Wolowitz. You’ve chosen to tangle with a superior intellect you can’t defeat.

9. Sheldon : There is nothing you could possibly do to…

10. Howard : Those aren’t gonna help you, Sheldon,

11. Sheldon : Oh, yes, they are. I mean, what?

12. Howard : I’m warning you, Sheldon!

13. Sheldon : Your threats are empty, nothing can move me. Stop that.

14. Howard : Get out of my spot.

15. Sheldon : No. That’s it. I am calling campus security.

16. Sheldon : You prepare for the scolding of your life.

17. Leonard : What are you idiots doing?

18. Sheldon : He’s trying to kill me, Leonard.

19. Sheldon : Video games and rock music have desensitized him to violence.

20. Howard : Would you please talk some sense into your lunatic roommate?

21. Leonard : You’re both acting like lunatics. It’s just a parking spot.

22. Howard : It’s not just a parking spot.

23. Howard : He can’t handle the fact that I’m a bigger deal than he is now.

24. Sheldon : Oh, preposterous.

25. Sheldon : I have been solely responsible for this university’s six loop quantum gravity calculations, I have changed the way we think about Bose-Einstein condensates, and I am also the one who got Nutter Butters in the cafeteria vending machine.

26. Sheldon : Maybe you missed that news while you were floating around like a goof in outer space.

27. Sheldon : Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have work to do.

28. Howard : Can you believe this guy?

29. Leonard : What I don’t believe is that you tried to run him over.

30. Howard : Oh, like you’ve never thought of doing that.

31. Howard : Don’t hate me just because I lived the dream.

32. Sheldon : Hey, sweet ride.

33. Howard : What are you doing in there?

34. Sheldon : Just breaking in your new car.

35. Howard : Stop that. You stop that.

36. Sheldon : You know what they say?

37. Sheldon : Revenge is a dish best served nude.





Learn English with Videos | V26 EnglishSnippets | The Big Bang Theory


Learn English with Videos | V26 EnglishSnippets | The Big Bang Theory

talk some sense into

Topic Speaking: Friends Fighting

​1. How often do you and your friends argue?
2. What was the last argument you had with a friend about?
3. What is the most common thing you and your friends argue about?
4. Can you get along with friends that argue a lot?
5. In the middle of an argument with a friend you find out you are wrong what will you do?
6. Are you open to new ideas?
7. Do you like arguing with friends?
8. Are you usually the winner of arguments with your friends?
9. What is the worst argument you’ve had with a friend?
10. Have you ever lost a friend over an argument?

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Learn English with Videos | V26 EnglishSnippets | The Big Bang Theory


​​The Big Bang Theory English Lesson

ESL Topic: Friends Fighting

File Title: Sheldon Guarding his Spot

Prepared by: ​SSEcoach (Robbie)          File Code: V26

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