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Title: Apple IPad

1. All of us use smartphones and laptops now. 

2. Everybody uses a laptop and or smartphone. 

3. And a question is arisen lately. 

4. Is there room for a third category of device in the middle, something that’s between a laptop and a smartphone. 

5. And of course we’ve pondered this question for years as well. 

6. The bars pretty high.

7. In order to really create a new category of devices, those devices are going to have to be far better at doing some key tasks. 

8. They’re going to have to be far better at doing some really important things. 

9. Better than the laptop, better than the smartphone. 

10. What kind of tasks? 

11. Well, things like browsing the web. 

12. That’s a pretty tall order.

13. Something that’s better at browsing the web than a laptop?  Ok? 

14. Doing email, enjoying and sharing photographs, video, watching videos. 

15. Enjoying your music collection, playing games, reading e-books. 

16. If there’s going to be a third category device, it’s going to have to be better at these kinds of tasks than a laptop or a smartphone. 

17. Otherwise, it has no reason for being. 

18. Now, some people have thought that that’s a netbook. 

19. The problem is, netbooks aren’t better at anything. 

20. They, they’re slow. 

21. They have low quality displays, and they run clunky old PC software. 

22. So, there not better than a laptop at anything. 

23. They are just cheaper. 

24. They’re just cheap laptops, and we don’t think that they’re a third category device. 

25. But, we think we’ve got something that is, and we’d like to show it to you today for the first time. 

26. And we call it the ipad.

27. So. Lemme show it you now.

28. This is what it looks like, I happen to have one right here.

29. That's what it looks like. Very thin. Looks just like this.

30. So. Just give you a little overview.

31. It's very thin, and you can change the background screen, the home screen, to personalize it to any way you want people put their own photos on it im sure, but we ship a few and you can make it anything you want.

32. And what this device does is extraordinary: You can browse the web with it, it is the best browsing experience  you've ever had.

33. It's phenomenal to see a whole web page right in front of you, and you can manipulate it with your fingers.

34. It's unbelievably great, way better than a laptop, way better than a smart phone.

35. And you can turn I Pad any way you want: Up, down, sideways...

36. It automatically adjusts however you wanna use it and again to see the whole webpage is phenomenal, right there, holding the internet in your hands, it's an incredible experience.

37. Phenomenal for mail, you want to focus in on a message, you can do that.

38. You can see your inbox.

39. Again, just turn I Pad sideways, get a different view on your mail, push the compose window, a key board pops up that's almost life size it's a dream to type on.

40. For photos, your albums are shown as stacks of photos, your albums or events, you can unfold them look at all your photos, flick through them, we got some great slide shows built in, it's a wonderful way to share your photos with friends and family.

41. Built in a calendar to see your month’s activities or day’s activities and everything in between.

42. Built in a great address book for your contacts, have a great maps application which works with Google’s back end.

43. Show you maps, satellite views, zoom in on things.

44. I Pad is an awesome way to enjoy your music collection.

45. And of course we have the I Tunes store built right into the I Pad, so you can discover music, you can purchase it, movies, TV shows, pod casts, I Tunes University, everything built right into the I Pad.

46. You Tube, you can watch You Tube on it, including You Tube in high def now, they've got a lot of high def video.

47. And of course, it's awesome to watch TV shows and movies on.

48. So that gives you a little overview of what the I Pad can do.

49. But, it's nothing like seeing it, so I'd love to show it to you now.

50. Let's take a look at it.

51. Again, using this thing is remarkable.

52. It's so much more intimate than a laptop and its so much more capable than a smart phone, with this gorgeous large display. 

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Learn English with Videos | V31 EnglishSnippets | Steve Jobs Keynote
Learn English with Videos | V31 EnglishSnippets | Steve Jobs Keynote
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Topic Speaking: Technology

​1. How has technology changed in your lifetime?
2. What is your favorite device?
3. Are there any new gadgets that you really want?
4. What do you think will be the next big thing?
5. How will computers change in the future?
6. Do you think there will be robots in your lifetime?
7. Can you think of any technology that has made the world worse?
8. Is there a piece of technology that you really want that doesn’t exist?
9. What is the future of cell phones?
10. Do you think people will be able to live on different planets?


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Steve Jobs Keynote English Lesson​

ESL Topic: Technology

File Title: Apple iPad​​​

Prepared by: ​SSEcoach (Robbie)          File Code: V31

Learn English with Videos | V31 EnglishSnippets | Steve Jobs Keynote