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Topic Speaking: Friends, College

​1. Did you have a nickname when you were younger?
2. Do you have any friends that you have lost touch with?
3. What do you remember most about college?
4. What do you remember most about high school?
5. How have you changed since high school? College?
6. How did you and your friends celebrate after finishing exams?
7. Were you a member of any clubs or circles in university?
8. Which did you enjoy more; high school or university?
9. What are the pros and cons of moving away to attend college?
10. Did you and your friends like to party in college?

real estate
make a difference
party planner

1. What is Rachel’s nickname?

Rachel’s nickname is Ray-ray.

2. For how many years have Rachel been M.I.A on sorority newsletters?

Rachel has been M.I.A on sorority newsletters for seven years.

3. What position does Rachel have at her company, Ralph Lauren?

Rachel has a position of divisional head of men’s sportswear at Ralph Lauren.

4. When are Melissa and Rachel going to have dinner?

Melissa and Rachel will have dinner tomorrow night.

5. What type of job does Melissa have that allows her to make a difference in people’s lives?

Melissa works as a party planner to make a difference in people’s lives.

6. How do Melissa and Rachel know each other?

Melissa and Rachel know each other because they went to college together.

8. Which word best describes Rachel and Melissa's relationship in college?

The word that best describes Rachel and Melissa’s relationship in college is ‘friends’.


Title: Winona Ryder

1. Melissa: Oh my God! Ray-ray Green?!

2. Rachel: Melissa!

3. Melissa: You have been M.I.A for the past seven sorority newsletters, what’s up with you?!

4. Rachel: Wh—Why don’t I tell you over here?

5. Melissa: So last I heard you were gonna get married. Oh poor Ray-ray.

6. Rachel: Oh no-no, no! It’s good! It’s all good! I-I actually work at Ralph Lauren!

7. Melissa: Shut up!

8. Rachel: I will not! I’m the divisional head of men’s sportswear!

9. Melissa: Oh shut up more! Now, are you friends with Ralph?

10. Rachel: Oh please…

11. Melissa: Are you?!

12. Rachel: No.

13. Melissa: Listen, we-we have to have dinner. What-what are you doing tomorrow night?

14. Rachel: Oh tomorrow, oh I don’t know. Um…

15. Melissa: You do now. You’re having dinner with me.

16. Rachel: Shut up.

17. Melissa: I-I’ve got to go. This has been so great Ray-ray! Oh, there you are. Umm, so listen, just call me. Here’s my card.

18. Rachel: Oh, wow thanks! Oh you’re in real estate!

19. Melissa: Oh no, that’s-that’s an old card. Umm, I wanted to get out of that and-and do something where I can really help people and-and make a difference.

20. Rachel: Wow! What do you do now?

21. Melissa: I’m a party planner. I’ll see you tomorrow.

22. Rachel: Okay!

23. Joey: Hey guys! Look who’s back! It’s Ray-ray!

24. Rachel: Shut up that was my friend Melissa from college.

25. Ross: She seems really, really fun!

26. Rachel: She’s actually very sweet and we used to be very close.


Learn English with Videos | V32 EnglishSnippets | FRIENDS

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