The Big Bang Theory Script

Title: Penny & Leonard's Funny Argument

1.Penny : Look at us! Our first Thanksgiving as husband and wife.

2.Leonard : I know. I feel so grown up.

3.Penny : Sweetie, you are grown up.

4.Leonard : Really? How many grown-ups do you know who have Mr. Spock oven mitts?

5.Leonard : Hey, the recipes are on my iPad. Will you pull 'em up?

6.Penny : Yep. What's the code?

7.Leonard : My birthday.

8.Penny : It's not working.

9.Leonard : It's just the four digits-- month and day.

10.Penny : Nope.

11.Leonard : Let me see. Yeah, there.

12.Leonard : What number were you putting in?

13.Penny : Uh...

14.Leonard : You don't know my birthday, do you?

15.Penny : Yes, I do.

16.Leonard : Well, what is it?

17.Penny : May.

18.Leonard : May what?

19.Penny : I'm not gonna say your password out loud.

20.Penny : That is not secure.

21.Leonard : You don't know your own husband's birthday.

22.Penny : Well... you don't know everything about me.

23.Leonard : Your birthday is December 2, you grew up on Perkins Street, the last four digits of your social are 7-6-2-1, and the odds of me letting you forget this are zero.

24.Penny : Oh, look at us.

25.Penny : Our last Thanksgiving as husband and wife.


26.Leonard : Next we need a teaspoon of pepper, which, I believe, was also the name of your childhood dog.

27.Penny : Fine. You think you know so much.

28.Penny : Who's my favorite Spice Girl?

29.Leonard : Baby.

30.Penny : Who's my favorite member of NSYNC?

31.Leonard : Justin.

32.Penny : Who's my favorite Backstreet Boy?

33.Leonard : Nice try. NSYNC forever.

34.Penny : Damn it!

35.Leonard : Face it, you can't stump me-- I am the king of husbands.

36.Leonard : I know that you don't like the lingerie that I got you on Valentine's Day.

37.Leonard : I know you hate the word "moist." I know...

38.Penny : Hang on. Wait, wait. Why don't I like the lingerie you got me?

39.Leonard : Because it's orange and you think it makes you look like a slutty carrot.

40.Penny : Interesting. I never told you that.

41.Leonard : Sure you did.

42.Penny : No. I never told anyone that.

43.Penny : But I did write it in my journal.

44.Leonard : What? I didn't know you had a journal.

45.Penny : I also know your voice gets higher when you're lying.

46.Leonard : No, it doesn't.


47.Leonard : Come on, don't be mad.

48.Leonard : It was a long time ago, and it was an accident.

49.Penny : How can reading my journal be an accident?

50.Leonard : I didn't even know what it was.

51.Leonard : I saw it on your nightstand. I picked it up.

52.Penny : Well, when you realized what it was, why didn't you stop?

53.Leonard : You know me, I'm a big ol' bookworm.

54.Penny : All right. Let's just finish cooking.

55.Leonard : Well... Hey. O-Okay. Let me make this up to you.

56.Leonard : Sometimes I keep an online journal.

57.Leonard :I want you to read something that I wrote.

58.Penny : Okay, really, I'm fine.

59.Leonard : Okay. Well, then I'll read it to you.

60.Leonard : It's from the day we first met. "Beauty, thy name is Penny."

61.Penny : Oh, God. Stop.

62.Penny : I don't want you to read something you think'll just butter me up.

63.Penny : I want to hear the most recent thing you wrote.

64.Leonard : Fine. Mmm... "Penny's beauty, like our love, grows more with each passing day."

65.Penny : Does it really say that?

66.Leonard : Why would I lie?

67.Penny : "OMG. OMG. "We're so close to the new Star Wars. "

68.Penny : I can't take it. Gah. "Gah"?

69.Leonard : Well, you didn't read it right.

70.Leonard : The new Star Wars is coming. Gah!


71.Penny : Where'd you go?

72.Penny : I can't tell if the turkey's done!

73.Leonard: Be right there! Hi, lover.

74.Penny : What are you doing?

75.Leonard : I'm sorry about the journal.

76.Leonard : I want to make it up to you.

77.Leonard : So I'm gonna let you post a shame photo of me on Facebook.

78.Penny : I am not putting that on the Internet!

79.Penny : I don't want people to see this.

80.Penny : I don't want to see it!

81.Leonard : Don't want people to see what, huh? A little bit of this? Oh... Huh? Some of this?

82.Leonard : And, since it's Thanksgiving, an extra helping of this?

83.Bernadette : Happy Thanks... Yikes.

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ESL Topic: Arguing, Trust, Dating

File Title: Penny & Leonard's Funny Argument

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Learn English with Videos | V35 EnglishSnippets | The Big Bang Theory
Learn English with Videos | V35 EnglishSnippets | The Big Bang Theory


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butter me up
make it up to you
shame photo

1.  What holiday are Penny and Leonard celebrating?

They are celebrating Thanksgiving.

2. What is the code to Leonard’s iPad?

The code is his birthday.

3. Why can’t Penny open Leonard’s iPad?

She can’t remember the date of Leonard’s birthday.

4. How did Leonard know that Penny didn’t like the lingerie he got her for Valentine’s day?

He knew because he read it in her diary.

5. How does Penny know when Leonard is lying?

She knows when he is lying because his voice gets higher.

6. What does Penny mean when she says, ‘Don’t read something that will butter me up.”?

She doesn’t want Leonard to read something nice about her, only to make her feel good.  She wants him to read something that is not just positive.

7. What is Leonard’s last idea to make Penny forgive him for reading her diary?

His last idea is to dress up in her lingerie and to put a shameful photo online of himself.


Topic Speaking: Arguing, Trust, Dating

​1. What do couples usually argue about?
2. Has anyone ever lied to you?
3. If your partner cheated on you, would you continue to date them?
4. What are some things you argue about with your parents or friends?
5. Have you ever argued with a teacher?
6. Have you ever dated someone that your friends or family didn’t trust?
7. Are you a trustworthy person?
8. Who do you trust the most?
9. Is it okay to tell white lies to your partner?
10. Have you ever forgotten your partner, family member or friend’s birthday?



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