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Learn English with Videos | V37 EnglishSnippets | CNN News


Learn English with Videos | V37 EnglishSnippets | CNN News
Learn English with Videos | V37 EnglishSnippets | CNN News


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Topic Speaking: Empathy

​1. What jobs require empathy?
2. Is empathy something you are born with or something that is learned?
3. Do you think it is easy for others to know when you are feeling down?
4. What are some good and bad reasons for a doctor having too much empathy?
5. In what jobs is empathy a bad thing to have?
6. Do you think SNS is causing people to be less empathetic?
7. Why is it important for teachers to have empathy?
8. What do you wish native speakers would understand when talking to non-native speakers?
9. If you sat next to a crying baby on an airplane, how would you feel?
10. Do you think young people should give up their seat on public transportation to someone older?




  • V37 | SLOW | Sisters kicked off jet, miss dad's last hours1:20

  • V37 | REG | Sisters kicked off jet, miss dad's last hours1:08


1. Where does this story take place?

This story takes place on a plane.

2. How are Trisha and Debbie related?

They are sisters.

3. Why were Trisha and Debbie traveling?

They were flying home to see their sick father.

4. What was the upsetting text message that Trisha received?

The message said their father did not have long to live and would die soon.

5. What did Trisha decide to do after receiving the text message?

She decided to change her seat so she could sit next to her sister and console her.

6. What did the flight attendant tell Trisha to do?

She told Trisha she had to go back to her own seat.

7. What uncompassionate comment did the flight attendant make to Trisha and Debbie?

She told them to keep their personal problems off the plane.

8. What was the final outcome of this situation?

Trisha and Debbie were kicked off the plane and they were unable to see their father before he died.


CNN News:  Script

Title: Sisters Kicked off Jet

1. TRISHA BAKER: I didn't know if my sister was getting the same text,
2. so I thought, I need to go back there and console her. 

3. She said, you need to sit down.
4. And I said, well, can I just sit here?

5. I just want to console my sister.

6. We just got word that my dad's dying.

7. DEBBIE HARTMAN: She said, you're being very rude.
8. My father is dying, and I'm comforting her.

9. And they said she needed to keep her personal problems off the plane.

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ESL Topic: Empathy

File Title: Sisters Kicked off Jet

File Code: V37

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