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Learn English with Videos | V41 EnglishSnippets | Shaun of the Dead

Topic Speaking: Drinking

​1. How many times do you drink per week?
2. What is your favorite alcohol to drink?
3. What is your favorite bar or place to drink?
4. Is drinking a big part of your culture?
5. In your opinion what should the drinking age be and why?
6. How does alcohol change your behavior and personality?
7. Do you get bad hangovers? What do you do to cure them?
8. Is there a traditional drink in your country?
9. Have you ever done something you regretted under the influence of alcohol?
10. Could you date someone who drinks a lot? Can you date someone who will never drink?

  • V41 | REG | She's so Drunk3:13






​​Shaun of the Dead English Lesson​

ESL Topic: Drinking

File Title: She’s so drunk

File Code: V41



Learn English with Videos | V41 EnglishSnippets | Shaun of the Dead
Learn English with Videos | V41 EnglishSnippets | Shaun of the Dead
Learn English with Videos | V41 EnglishSnippets | Shaun of the Dead

Shaun of the Dead Script

Title: She’s so drunk

1. Ed: There's a girl in the garden.

2. Shaun: What?

3. Ed: In the garden, there is a girl.

4. Shaun: Excuse me. Excuse me. Hello.

5. Ed: Oi!

6. Shaun: Oh, my God. She's so drunk.

7. Ed: How much have you had, love? Oh! I think she likes you.

8. Shaun: Shut up.

9. Ed: She wants a cuddle!

10. Shaun: I've just come out of a relationship. Ed, do something!

11. Ed: Wait there.

12. Shaun: Ed!

13. Ed: Two seconds.

14: Shaun: I'm really flattered and everything but...

15. Ed: And, hold it there.

16. Shaun: Ed! Just get her off me. Jesus!

17. Ed: What's up with her eyes?

18. Shaun: Now, seriously... Mary, I'm warning you, I'll have to get physical, I mean it! This is it... Look, just fuck off! I think we should go back inside.

19. Ed: Ok. Shaun, what's going on?

20. Shaun: Shit, it's engaged.

21. Ed: How about an ambulance?

22. Shaun: It's engaged, Ed.

23. Ed: Fire engine?

24. Shaun: It's one number and it's busy! And what do you want a fire engine for?

25. Ed: Anything with flashing lights.

26. Shaun: Are they still out there?

27. Ed: Yeah. What do you think we should do?

28. Shaun: Have a sit-down?

29. TV: There are reports of chaos on the motorways as thousands of people attempt to flee the cities. The M1 the M3, M4, M6... '

30. Ed: Do you think this is the same thing?

  • V41 | SLOW | She's so Drunk3:47


1. Where do Ed and Shaun see a girl?

 They see a girl in the garden.

2. Why does Shaun originally believe the girl is acting oddly?

Shaun believes the girl is drunk.

3. Instead of helping Shaun what does Ed do?

Ed grabs a camera and takes a picture.

4. When do Ed and Shaun realize it may be more serious than being drunk?

When the girl falls onto a poll and lifts herself off it.

5. Why can’t they contact any help via phone?

The phone number they are calling is engaged.

6. Why does Ed want Shaun to call a fire truck?

Because a fire truck has flashing lights.

7. What do Ed and Shaun decide to do?

They have a sit-down.