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Learn English with Videos | V42 EnglishSnippets | Two and a Half Men

take a while
split up


Learn English with Videos | V42 EnglishSnippets | Two and a Half Men

Two and a Half Men Script

Title: When you turn into a tree

1. Charlie: Had an interesting chat with your ex-wife today.

2. Alan: Oh, can’t we just have a nice dinner?

3. Kandi: I like her.

4. Alan: Why? Uh…why?

5. Kandi: Well, unlike most ex-wives I've known, she's never tried to run me over with her car.

6. Alan: Ok…new dinner conversation. Jake, how was school?

7. Jake: I don’t think having this conversation will make you any happier, Dad.

8. Alan: What, now?

9. Jake: We had a surprise test, today.

10. Alan: And?

11. Jake: I was really surprised.

12. Alan: So in other words, you weren't prepared.

13. Jake: You can’t prepare for a surprise, Dad.

14. Charlie: New conversation?

15. Alan: Jake, what are we gonna do? You’ve really fallen behind this year.

16. Jake: I know. I think it’s a delayed reaction to your divorce

17. Alan: Oh?

18. Jake: Yeah. It took a while, but my teachers have finally stopped feeling sorry for me.

19. Kandi: You know, I’m a child of divorce too, Jake.

20. Alan: Really? How old were you when your parents split up?

21. Kandi: Twenty-two.

22. Alan: But you’re 22 now.

23. Kandi: Twenty-two and a half. Boy, what I’d give to be twenty-two again.

24. Charlie: New subject?

25. Alan: No, no, no more conversation. Jake, if you're finished, just go do your homework

26. Jake: I'm gonna need help.

27. Alan: You don't need help. You need to focus.

28. Kandi: I’ll help you, Jake.

29. Jake: Do you know anything about geometry?

30. Kandi: Well, I know it's what you say when you turn into a tree. Get it? Gee, I’m a tree.

31. Jake: Good one.32. Kandi: Thanks!



Topic Speaking: Coping

​1. What is a difficult situation you have had to deal with recently?
2. How do you get rid of stress?
3. Have you ever been through a bad break up?
4. Do you like listening to music to make you feel better?
5. If you have a bad day, what do you do to make yourself feel better?
6. What is a good way to cope with the pressure of exams?
7. What are some things students must learn to cope with?
8. What are some things parents must cope with?
9. Do you prefer to talk about your feelings with someone, or to bury your feelings?
10. Do you agree with the quote, “That which doesn’t kill us makes us stronger!”?

Learn English with Videos | V42 EnglishSnippets | Two and a Half Men

run over
in other words
fall behind


​​Two and a Half Men English Lesson​

ESL Topic: Coping

File Title: When you turn into a tree

File Code: V42

1. Why does Alan initially get upset at Charlie’s remark?

He initially gets upset because he brought up his ex-wife while they were having dinner.

2. Why is Kandi okay with Alan’s ex-wife?

She is okay with his ex-wife because unlike many other ex-wives, Alan’s isn’t as aggressive.

3. In line 5, what can we assume about Kandi?

We can assume that she has made other people’s ex-wives very angry by dating their husbands.

4. How is Jake doing in school?

His performance at school seems to have faltered.

5. Why does Jake think has been doing badly in school?

Jake thinks he is doing poorly in school because of his parent’s divorce.

6. How does Kandi’s intervening remark seem to influence the conversation?

It seems to have been well-intentioned but irrelevant to what Jake was saying.

7. Other than Alan, who is the person that seems to try to transition to new topics whenever things take a wrong turn?

Charlie seems to be the one to do so.

8. What does Alan do when he gets fed up with conversation?

He tells Jake to go do his homework if he is finished with dinner.

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Learn English with Videos | V42 EnglishSnippets | Two and a Half Men
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