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1. Where does this video take place?

It takes place at Ray’s home.

2. Why did Ray most likely shout out that his name wasn’t Judy when he woke up?

He was dreaming about someone mistaking him for Judy.

3. Why is Debra mad at Marie?

She is mad at Marie for refusing to let her call her “Mom.”

4. Why does Debra also get mad at her husband, Raymond?

She is mad at him for persuading her to call Marie, her mother-in-law, “Mom”.

5. How are Frank and Robert aware of what just happened to Debra?

They were at the scene when Debra tried to call Marie, her mother-in-law, “Mom.”

6. Why do you think Robert tries to sympathize with Debra?

Robert sympathizes with Debra because he seems to have been treated similarly by Marie.  He feels she doesn’t respect him like she respects Ray. (Robert and Raymond are brothers)

7. Who does Robert identify as Marie’s favorites (people who belong in the “Pantheon of affection”)?

He mentions people like Raymond and the Pope.

8. What does Robert propose doing to get even with Marie?

He proposes addressing her by her name “Marie” instead of “Mom.”

9. Does that backfire?

Yes, definitely!  Marie slaps him for not calling her Mom.



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Learn English with Videos | V43 EnglishSnippets | Everybody Loves Raymond

Everybody Loves Raymond English Lesson​

ESL Topic: In-laws, family, dilemma

File Title: Let it Go!

File Code: V43

Learn English with Videos | V43 EnglishSnippets | Everybody Loves Raymond


Learn English with Videos | V43 EnglishSnippets | Everybody Loves Raymond


Learn English with Videos | V43 EnglishSnippets | Everybody Loves Raymond

  • V43 | SLOW | LET IT GO!2:59

Everybody Loves Raymond Script

Title: Let it Go

1. Raymond: My name is not Judy! What’s going on? What happened?

2. Debra: She rejected me.

3. Ray: What are you talking about?

4. Debra: Your mother! I went over there and I called her “Mom,” and she turned me down!

5. Raymond: Really?

6. Debra: I told her that I wanted to call her “Mom,” and she just went, “That’s alright.”

7. Raymond: Huh...

8. Debra: Why did you make me do that?!

9. Raymond: I didn't! I didn't make you do it! I was just trying to win an argument. I didn't think you would actually try it.

10. Debra: I cannot believe her! She's unbelievable! Your mother is unbelievable!

11. Raymond: I believe you!

12. Robert: Hey, Deb.

13. Debra: Oh, good. You guys were there. Was that the most humiliating thing you have ever seen?

14. Robert: Brutal, Raymond.

15. Frank: I felt bad for you, sweetheart. Had trouble finishing my lunch.

16. Raymond: What happened? After she said no, what did you do?

17. Debra: Just sat there like an idiot.

18. Robert: Us, too.

19. Debra: Marie just went about her business as if nothing had happened.

20. Robert: I know how you feel, Deb.
That's just how she is.
Only certain people are allowed in the pantheon of affection: the Pope, Frank Sinatra, Placido Domingo, and Raymond.
You just gotta let it go. You gotta let it go!

21. Raymond: Yeah. Like he did.

22. Robert: I know what. Maybe I'll start calling her "Marie."
Bet she wouldn't even notice.

23. "Hello, Marie."
"Hello, Robbie. Have you seen Placido Domingo? Or Raymond?"


24. Marie: Here you go, Robbie.

25. Robert: Thanks Marie. Ow! Mom.

FRIENDS English Lesson on


  • V43 | REG | LET IT GO!2:32

Topic Speaking: In-laws, family, dilemma

​1. Who do you argue with the most?
2. Do you get along well with your in-laws?
3. Do you get along well with your extended family?
4. Who is the head of your household?
5. How would you feel if your partner sided with their parent’s and not with you?
6. Do ever try to seek approval from your boss, partner or teacher?
7. Do you ever feel like you can’t live up to the expectations of your parents, boss or partner?
8. What do you think is unreasonable for a mother in law to expect from her daughter in law?
9. How would you handle conflict between your partner and a family member?

10. If you could trade places with your parents for a day, what would you do differently?