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The Goldbergs Script

Title: Jazzercise

1. Erica: Dear lord! Looks like a twilight zone world where everyone is you.

2. Beverly: Just zip it and go put on your workout gear.

3. Erica: This is my workout gear.

4. Beverly: That’s what you’re gonna wear to get into the group? Are you insane?

5. Erica: Some might say what you’re wearing is insane.

6. Beverly: For your information, spandex wicks away sweat while enhancing muscle tone and skeletal girth. Watch and learn.

7. Reynaldo: You, ladies, ready to sweat?!

8. Everyone: Yeah!!!

9. Beverly: Reynaldo is an ex-marine. I told him not to go easy on us.

10. Erica: Okay, you didn’t tell me...

11. Beverly: Sorry! A bet’s a bet! That’s a deal that can’t be broken!

12. Adam: My sister was starting to realize that she might have gotten in over her head. For the next hour, my mom lunged, squatted, and grooved with everything she had. And Eric…eh, she was fine.

13. Reynaldo: And cool down.

14. Erica: Woo! I almost broke a sweat there!

15. Beverly: You?

16. Erica: I won! Now I don’t have to spend time cooking with you all day! It’s a thanksgiving miracle!

17. Beverly: But it’s tradition.

18. Erica: Hmm. Sorry. A bet’s a bet. That’s a deal that can’t be broken.


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Learn English with Videos | V45 EnglishSnippets | The Goldbergs



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Learn English with Videos | V45 EnglishSnippets | The Goldbergs

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  • V45 | SLOW | Jazzercise1:22


Learn English with Videos | V45 EnglishSnippets | The Goldbergs

​​The Goldbergs English Lesson​

ESL Topic: Challenges

File Title: Jazzercise

Prepared by: ​SSEcoach (Robbie)          File Code: V45


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  • V45 | REG | Jazzercise1:09

Topic Speaking: Challenges

​1. Have you ever bribed someone?
2. What is something parents want help with from their children, but their children usually resist helping?
3. What holiday in your country requires the most preparation?
4. Did you used to compete against another family member, for example, when playing sports, video games, etc.?
5. What is something a parent can do to motivate their children to do their chores?
6. Did your parents used to reward or punish you over your school grades?
7. Have you ever taken an exercise class?
8. Have you ever made a bet with a family member or friend?
9. What are some internet challenges you have heard about? (Ex: ice bucket challenge; Tide Pod challenge)
10. Would you rather exercise or do housework?​