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1. Why did Chandler take off? (line 1-4)

Chandler took off to take a walk around the living room.

2. Why is Chandler mad at Joey? (line 5-12)

Chandler is mad at Joey because Joey saved Ross from the car backfire (bullet) instead of him.

3. What did Joey say the reason why he saved Ross instead of Chandler? (line 12-14)

Joey said he saved Ross instead of Chandler because Ross cannot take care of himself.

4. What was Joey actually trying to save? (line 12-18)

Joey was actually trying to save his sandwich that was next to Ross.

5. Why was Chandler shocked by the fact that Joey was trying to save his sandwich? (line 12-18)

Chandler was shocked by the fact that Joey was trying to save his sandwich because it did not make any sense.

6. What is so special about the sandwich? line 19-21)

The sandwich is special because Joey thinks the sandwich is the greatest sandwich in the world.

7. Why is Chandler relived? (line 22-33)

Chandler is relieved because he realized that Joey did not choose Ross before him.

8. How did Joey prove how much Chandler means to him? (line 22-33)

Joey proved how much Chandler means to him by letting Chanlder have a bite of his sandwich.


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​​FRIENDS English Lesson​

ESL Topic: Friendship, Scary Experiences

File Title: Joey's Sandwich

File Code: V47




took off
adds up
out of the picture
bottom line
try to save

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make sense
risk your life
choose (A) before (B)


Title: Joey's Sandwich

​1. Joey: Dude! How come you took off?

2. Chandler: Oh, I just went for a walk, around the living room. Whatever…

3. Joey: Is something wrong?

4. Chandler: No. No I'm just tired. Y'know, from-from the walk.

5. Joey: Okay.

6. Chandler: You dove in front of Ross! Ross!

7. Joey: That's what this is about! Oh my God, you hate Ross!

8. Chandler: I do not hate Ross!

9. Joey: Of course you do! I saved him! You're mad at me! It all adds up! You want Ross out of the picture.

10. Chandler: What picture?

11. Joey: I don't know, but I don't like what I'm hearing!

12. Chandler: Look I'm very glad that you saved Ross from the car backfire, but y'know, it could've been a bullet and you y'know, you didn't try to save me!

13. Joey: Ohh, you're upset because you think I chose Ross over you! No! I…knew…you could take care of yourself. Y'know, I mean Ross, he need help. He's not street like us!

14. Chandler: When it comes down to it, you would risk your life for Ross before you would for me. That's the bottom line.

15. Joey: Well, no, not exactly! All right, look, I, I wasn't trying to save Ross. Okay? My sandwich was next to Ross. All right? I was, I was trying to save my sandwich.

16. Chandler: From a bullet!

17. Joey: I know it doesn't make much sense…

18. Chandler: Much sense?!

19. Joey: Look Chandler, it was instinct! Okay? I just went for it!

20. Chandler: So you risked your life, for a sandwich!

21. Joey: I know it sounds crazy, but Chandler this is the greatest sandwich in the world!

22. Chandler: So you didn't uh, choose Ross before me.

23. Joey: No! I would never do that! You-you're like my brother!

24. Chandler: Really?

25. Joey: Yeah! In fact, to prove how much you mean to me, here.

26. Chandler: Thanks.

27. Joey: No, eh, oh-oi, easy, it's not a hot dog!

28. Joey: How good is that?

29. Chandler: Oh-oi-ho, yeah!

30. Joey: See? Oh-whoa-hey, dude, what are you doing?!

32. Chandler: I thought you were showing me how much you mean to me.

33. Joey: Yeah. With a bite! Gee-e-e-eez!

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Topic Speaking: Friendship, Scary Experiences

​1. Who is your closest friend?
2. When is it okay to tell a white lie?
3. Have you ever had a near death experience?
4. What is the bravest thing you have done?
5. What is something about work or school that makes you upset?
6. Is it common in your culture to share food when eating with others?
7. Do you care if your friends don’t comment on your social network posts?
8. When do we use the expression, ‘to take a bullet for someone’?
9. Who is the most generous person you know?
10. Have you ever fired a gun?


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  • V47 | REG | Joey's Sandwich.mp32:46
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