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Expression Speaking - It's time for ___

It's time for a visit to a barber shop. He needs his haircut and I need my beard trimmed!

it's time for (___) = you can use this expression when it is past the time when something should have happened

Vocabulary Speaking - consume

Q: Do you consume a lot of coffee?

A: Yes, I consume a lot of coffee! + How about you?

consume = eat, drink or ingest (food or drink)

Expression Speaking - taking off now; heading out now; leaving now

I came to Starbucks this morning. I just finished so I am:

-taking off now.

-heading out now.

-leaving now.

taking off now/heading out now/leaving now = exiting your current place

Lesson 5

Vocabulary Speaking - evoke

Q: What is something that evokes happiness in your life?

A: Seeing a rainbow always evokes happiness in my life. + How about you?

evoke = the verb evoke most commonly means to bring a feeling, memory or picture into the mind.

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Lesson 3

Vocabulary Speaking - baffled, figured out

At first, we were baffled as to why this big rock was hanging from this tree! However, we figured out it was tied to the tree to help keep the tree from growing into the building. 

baffled = confused
figured out = to understand