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Lesson 14

Vocabulary Speaking - tempted

Every morning I'm starving on my way to work and I walk by McDonald's. Can you see that? I feel so tempted to go get McDonald's delicious breakfast! Should I go? Hmmmm.....No! I will not be tempted by McDonald's breakfast.

tempted = something that tempts you attracts you and makes you want it, even though it may be wrong or harmful.

MicroLessons 11-15

Vocabulary Speaking - annoying

Q: What's something annoying that has happened to you recently?

A: Something annoying that's happened to me recently is this:

Can you see those shoes?

They have two shoelaces!

It took me like 20 minutes to get these on today!

That's super annoying!

How about you? What's something annoying that's happened to you recently?

annoying = when something or someone causes you to feel a bit angry and impatient

Vocabulary Speaking - risky; 1RM

I don't often try to lift my 1RM because it is too risky. The reason it is risky is because it is easy to get injured when attempting to lift an amount of weight that is really heavy for you.

risky = an activity that is dangerous and/or likely to fail

1RM = 1 rep max (the maximum weight you can lift one time)

Vocabulary Speaking - break (a habit)

Q: What is a bad habit you are trying to break?

A: A bad habit I am trying to break is drinking coffee before breakfast! I will try again tomorrow!

break (a habit) = to stop; discontinue

Lesson 15

Lesson 13

Expression Speaking - downpour

Wow! It's a downpour! I like it!

downpour = heavy rain fall

Lesson 12

Lesson 11