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Lesson 18

Vocabulary Speaking - set up; mind

DJ Fenner🎧 set up a home studio with all the latest DJ gadgets in his apartment. It is like a mini club📻! I wonder if his neighbors will mind?

set up = to organize, plan or arrange something to mind = to feel annoyed

Vocabulary Speaking - dying (for/to do) something

Q: What is something you are dying for?

A: I am dying for a strawberry smoothie!

Q: What is something you are dying to do?

A: I am dying to drink a strawberry smoothie! How about you?

dying (for/to do) something = to really really want to have or do something

Expression Speaking - nightly routine 

Q: What's your nightly routine?

A: My nightly routine is coming home from work and taking my dog for a walk. + How about you?

nightly routine = things you usually do every night

Grammar Speaking - too + adjective

It's too thick!

We use (too + adjective) to describe a problem or something negative.

It's too thick. = it is a bit of a problem because the straw is narrow. ​

Lesson 19

Vocabulary Speaking - starving; destroyed; in under ___ minutes; stuffed

I was starving so I destroyed a pizza in under 10 minutes! However, now I am stuffed and I regret eating an entire pizza by myself!

starving = to feel very hungry

destroyed = to destroy (food) means to eat a lot of food, usually quickly

in under __ mintues = in less than __ minutes

stuffed = feeling very full from eating a lot of food

*Remember: This implies something is negative. 

If you want to describe something in a positive way, you can use 'really' instead of 'too'.

For Example:

-His car is too nice. (negative)

-His car is really nice. (positive)

-The weather is too nice today. (negative)

-The weather is really nice today. (positive)

-My drink is too thick, but it is really delicious!

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