Lesson 25

Vocabulary Speaking - relive

Q: If you could relive a moment from your childhood, what moment would you relive?

A: If I could relive a moment from my childhood, I would relive roasting marshmallows over a campfire. + How about you?

relive = To experience something again; to live over again.

Lesson 22

Vocabulary Speaking - dread; numb

Q: What is something you dread?

A: I dread going to the dentist! Even though the dentist injects anesthesia that numbs my mouth, I still dread the sound and feeling of the dentist's drill! + How about you?

dread = to fear something that is going to or may happen numb = not able to feel

Lesson 23

Lesson 21

Expression Speaking - first time

Today was my first time☝️ eating these pretzel sticks. I got original and cream cheese. Today was my first time but it won't be my last time! They were delicious!

first time - someone who is doing something for the first time

Vocabulary Speaking - splurge

Q: When was the last time you splurged and bought something that was expensive?

A: The last time I splurged and bought something expensive was last week. I splurged on this new toothbrush! I usually only spend $1.00~2.00 on a toothbrush. However, I splurged on this toothbrush and paid $8.50. + How about you?

splurge = if you splurge on something, you spend more (or a lot more) money on something you do not need, or on something that has cheaper options.

Lesson 24

Vocabulary Speaking - enticing

Q: Do you think this ice cream machine is enticing?

A: Yes, I think this ice cream machine is enticing! I bought two ice cream from it!

enticing = something is enticing when it makes you really want it or experience it

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