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Lesson 29

Vocabulary Speaking - get rid of

I went to the gym this morning to help me get rid of the guilt I felt because I ate so much food before bed last night!

get rid of = to remove or eliminate something you do not want

Expression Speaking - scratchy throat

I had to wear a mask today. The air pollution has been high and I woke up this morning with a scratchy throat!

Q: What is a remedy for a scratchy throat?

A: A remedy for a scratchy throat is to drink lemon tea with honey. Do you know of any other remedies for a scratchy throat?

scratchy throat = irritation (uncomfortable feeling) you feel in your throat. It is usually felt when you get a cold, have an allergy, have something stuck at the back of your throat or by heavy air pollution

MicroLessons 26-30

Lesson 30

Lesson 27

Vocabulary Speaking - starving; pig out; eyes bigger than my stomach; devour

Last night I was starving, so I pigged out on all this food. I was worried that my eyes were bigger than my stomach and that I wouldn't be able to finis. However, I devoured everything easily!

starving = really hungry

pig out = eat a lot of food

eyes bigger than my stomach = to take more food than you can eat

devour = to eat quickly


Strawberries + Cinnamon Bun + Protein Bar + Apple Pie + Steak = a VERY full Robbie😉!

Lesson 28

Lesson 26

Speaking - Have you ever ... ?

Q: Have you ever tried to start your own business💰?

A: Yes, I have tried to start my own business. When I was 5, I sold Kool Aid in front of my home🏡. Unfortunately, I didn't make enough money to retire early😉! However, it is a fond memory of my childhood.

Kool Aid = a powder that is added to water to make a fruit-flavored drink.

retire = to stop working, usually for the rest of your life.

fond memory = If you have fond memories of someone or something, you remember them with pleasure

Expression Speaking - I've always wanted ( )

I've always wanted to try Shake Shack and I finally had it last week. Wow! 🍔🍟👍!

I've always wanted = I wanted it (in the past) and I still want it (in the present)