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Vocabulary Speaking - breath

Can you see that👀? Maybe just a little bit. You can see my breath. Winter is coming❄. Time to dress👕❌ warm🔥!

breath = air taken into or expelled out of the lungs

Vocabulary Speaking - public transportation

Q: How often do you take public transportation?

A: I take public transportation everyday!

public transportation = a system (that usually costs money) for taking people from one place to another.

For example: -subway -bus🚌 -taxi🚕

Vocabulary Speaking - heading to

I'm heading to work.

How about you?

heading to = going to

Vocabulary Speaking - humid; humidity

Oh wow! The weather is really humid💦! I hate humidity!

humid (adjective) = you can use humid to describe a climate when the air has a lot of small water drops and it usually feels very hot outside

humidity (noun) = moisture, small drops of water, in the air

Vocabulary Speaking - lazy; escalator; instead of

I'm feeling lazy😩😶. So I'm taking the escalator🎢 instead of the stairs👣.

lazy = not wanting to work or use energy

escalator = motorized stairs

instead of = to substitute or replace someone or something