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Lesson 49

Lesson 47

Vocabulary Speaking - floored

A friend of mine who lives in Canada ordered Korean food for dinner last night. If you have ever visited Korea🇰🇷 you probably know that most restaurants in Korea provide kimchi for free. I was FLOORED when he told me the small amount of kimchi in this picture cost $9.00!

floored = to feel confused, surprised and unable to understand something

Vocabulary Speaking - time to kill / review / catnap

Q: What do you do when you have time to kill at work?
A: I usually review material for my next lesson or take a catnap💤 if I have time to kill at work.  +  How about you?

time to kill = free time
review = to view or see again
catnap = a short nap (sleep)

MicroLessons 46-50

Lesson 50

Vocabulary Speaking - shopping Spree; horrible; waste of time

Q: Have you ever been on a shopping spree?
A: No, I have never been on a shopping spree. However, yesterday I went on a socking spree! Hahahaha!

I apologize. That was a horrible joke! I am sorry for wasting your time.

shopping spree = a short period of time in which someone buys a lot of things

horrible = terrible; not enjoyable

waste of time = anything that is not a useful way to spend your time

Lesson 46

Vocabulary Speaking - Vegan

Q: Have you ever eaten a vegan dessert?
A: Yes, I have eaten a vegan dessert. I had my first vegan dessert last weekend. It was carrot cake from my friends vegan restaurant. I thought it wouldn't have much flavor, but it was surprisingly delicious!

vegan = using or containing no animal products. Not only meat but also eggs, dairy products and other animal-derived substances.

Expression Speaking - run out of (something)

I hope I never run out of rosemary! It adds such a great flavor to food!

run out of = use up all; to have nothing left; empty

Lesson 48