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Lesson 10

Expression Speaking - in the process of

While we were coming home from school one day last month, we saw a spider in the process of spinning its silk around a bee!

in the process of = you have started doing something and you are still doing it

Lesson 8

Expression Speaking - put a smile on your face

Q: What is something that puts a smile on your face?

A: Snoopy and Woodstock put a smile on my face. + How about you?

put a smile on your face = something that makes you happy

Lesson 9

small pieces 

BIG results!

Expression Speaking - get up to

Q: What did you get up to yesterday?

A: I spent my Sunday at a park by the Han River. + How about you?

get up to = to do

Note: What did you get up to ...? = What did you do ...?

Expression Speaking - back to

After a couple weeks off for vacation, I am excited to be back to work!

back to = to begin something again

Lesson 6

Lesson 7

Expression Speaking - silver lining

The silver lining of a rainy day is the rain cleans the air and when the rain stops the sky is really clear!

silver lining = finding something positive in a negative situation

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